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When is my problem an emergency?


With this winter storm coinciding with Christmas, we ask that you please allow our employees to have the time to celebrate Christmas with their families. However, if you have a true emergency, we are committed to being available. Indiana Underground defines an emergency as "danger to health, life, or loss of service." Frozen pipes in your house is not an emergency, according to this definition. If you live in a mobile home that has missing skirting, please take steps to thaw your pipes before you call us. If you left your garage door open, please don't call us until you have warmed your garage. If you notice a water main break causing water to be running across the road, please call (812) 208-5291! Someone will answer the phone or return your call within minutes.

It is possible for water meters to freeze, but it rarely happens. If you have no water, please try to thaw your own pipes before you call us. If you don't have heat tape on your pipes, a blow dryer or light bulb can provide enough heat to thaw your pipes. It will not happen immediately, so try it for at least an hour before you call us.

It is a good idea to leave a faucet dripping during freezing temperatures. A slow drip may cost you a little more on your water bill, but it will save you a lot more than the cost of repairing frozen pipes.